Travels with Monica

Monica at Olhau Harbour 
 As my novels are set in locales around the world, I wondered how I could incorporate that love of faraway places into the website. I thought about using our travel photos and videos, but snapshots rarely convey the emotion of the moment, and our videos are full of commentary that only make sense to my wife and myself. Finally, a light went on - Monica's travel journals kept me chuckling and could be uploaded to my website.
Now I'll turn you over to Monica.
 When I began to retell some of the highlights of our journeys, our friends asked if I had ever put anything on paper. I told them about my journals and several suggested that I write a book. I thought this could be a possible retirement project, but I really wasn't motivated enough to pursue the idea.Then my husband suggested we write The Clover Club together. The book took the first eighteen months of my retirement, and after 28 years of marriage I truly wondered if we would see our 29th! Writing a book with your spouse is not an easy task.Twelve years later, my journals will see the light of day. I will be uploading a new story every 4-5 weeks. Hope you enjoy.

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